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In the installation of an access floor, there are certain criteria that should be followed. These are listed in the general order of sequence.

Requirements for the ground

● The panels should be laid after the interior decoration finishes.
● The ground should be flat, clean and dry.
● Cables, electric lines, water pipes, air pipes and air condition system which are placed under the floor should be prior to the installation of the panels.
● The height of the base for huge and heavy equipment should remain the same with that of the panel surface after installation.
● Electric power(220v/50HZ) and water supply should be provided on site.

Tools for installation

● Professional cutting saw
● Laser leveling apparatus and net laser scanner
● Bubble leveling apparatus, band tape and ink recorder
● Panel-lifter, spanner and screw-drivers
● Dust cleaner, broom and cloth



All floor support systems and accessories are independently produced by Senmai Floor Co., ltd.
Adjust and support the supporting system according to the installation method of different specifications and different types of floors.


Adopt all-round support type installation floor, which must be equipped with steel galvanized strings. According to engineering requirements, determine whether the string is pasted with sealing (buffering) adhesive strips.

ground socket

Ground socket

Convenient for customers, perfect the intelligent comprehensive functions of the raised floor, the group and supporting cooperative units have jointly researched and developed various special ground sockets suitable for raised floors.

Junction box

According to the project requirements, the floor will be drilled on the construction site or drilled in batches in the factory and then delivered to the construction site. In addition to the dedicated ground socket, the holed floor can also be equipped with a plastic junction box.

outlet box
panel lifter (2)

Sucker lifter

In order to facilitate the installation and maintenance of the floor, there are two types of dedicated floor sucker lifters, single suction cup type and double suction cup type, and glass sucker lifters can also be used instead.

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