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The calcium sulphate core

Calcium sulphate raised floor core is manufactured with advanced equipment. Through the exploration of all technological R & D personnel of our company, we use unique manufacturing technology to develop special raised floor core of environmentally friendly, fireproof and high-strength characteristics.


The calcium sulphate core is a calcium sulphate board made of hemihydrate gypsum and anhydrite gypsum alone or mixed with both as the main cementing material, adding admixtures, strengthening with fibers, stirring with water, pressing, drying and grinding. Calcium sulphate is a natural material, also known as gypsum, that is mined in open pit mines. The core is a high-density calcium sulphate board made by processing and solidifying into calcium sulphate crystals, and using non-toxic and unbleached plant fibers as reinforcement materials after one-time pulse pressing.
The calcium sulphate floor core produced by our company will not cause pollution and harm to the outside in the process of production and use. We use environmentally friendly materials. It can be recycled 100% after its service life is reached. It is very suitable for the mainstream of advocating environmental protection in the world.



Raised floors made of calcium sulphate are very dense and very hard. Gypsum has very good properties in terms of load bearing and fire resistance as well as acoustics. Since the materials used are gypsum, water and paper fibers, there are zero emissions in the room. In terms of fire performance, calcium sulphate raised floor core has good thermal insulation effect. After the board core, covering material and adhesive glue are integrally formed, it has excellent waterproof performance. Whether it is instantly or slowly soaking, it will not deform or wrinkle degumming. The core can still maintain good stability under the influence of temperature and humidity. Due to the special design of material structure and high-precision production technology, our calcium sulphate floor has high-quality acoustic effect. When you walk on the floor, not only you can have comfortable feet feeling, but also it will not increase the noise.

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