With the continuous development of modern science and technology, there are more and more types of floors. The interference of electrostatic induction to the mechanical equipment of electronic computer is very serious. The emergence of anti-static floor effectively solves this problem.
The anti-static floor can avoid the damage caused by static induction in the production and manufacturing of mechanical equipment, and can effectively avoid fire accidents or explosions when flammable and explosive substances, gases or liquids must be actually operated in the laboratory. If it is difficult to effectively control the generation of static electricity in the corresponding centralized occasions of mechanical equipment such as computer rooms, laboratories, production workshops, modern industrialized industries, schools, monitoring centers and medical institutions, it is likely to cause very serious damage, especially in the mechanical equipment manufacturing industry and the industrial production of raw auxiliary materials , which leads to mechanical equipment difficult to use under normal conditions, consumes a lot of time, and even leads to difficult to recover data loss and serious economic loss.
It is relatively easy to install, and it can also provide greater operational flexibility for the change and expansion of mechanical equipment in the future. The mechanical equipment in the machine room can be connected and grounded randomly according to the anti-static floor, which is convenient for laying and maintenance, and can make the machine room more clean and beautiful. It can effectively maintain all kinds of cables, wires, data lines and power sockets, so that it is not easy to be damaged. The machine room can make full use of the space under the floor as a static pressure air reservoir for air conditioning. It is helpful for the overhaul and maintenance of the bottom of mechanical equipment. It can eliminate the harm to human body caused by exposed cable. It is very necessary to use anti-static raised floor in the computer room.

Post time: Nov-11-2021