1.PVC covering
PVC anti-static raised floor uses the static conductive network formed between the interfaces of PVC plastic particles to make it have permanent anti-static function and stable electrical performance. There are many patterns on the surface, similar to the marble surface, and the decorative effect is better. It is widely used in anti-static places such as electronic workshops, clean workshops, and microelectronics workshops.

2.HPL covering
HPL is a commonly used covering in the anti-static floor industry. It has a perfect function of dissipating static electricity. The maintenance of HPL covering is quite simple, and the surface is durable, high temperature resistant, dust-proof, shockproof, and fireproof, with excellent wear resistance. HPL coverings are rich in colors and are more popular with the public, and can be used as indoor and outdoor floor decoration materials.

These two kinds of coverings are widely used on various anti-static raised floors. Since there are two kinds of coverings, there must be differences. From the appearance, the fine lines of the two kinds of coverings are different. It looks like a marble surface layer, cracked, while HPL looks like scattered flowers, irregular patterns, this is the observation from the surface.

In terms of use, the difference is big. Generally, the anti-static floor with HPL covering is used in warm area, because the ambient temperature and humidity in the computer room in the cold area cannot meet the national technical standards. Especially when the heating is turned on in winter, the environmental humidity cannot meet the national standard, and the dryness in the environment is relatively too high, so it will cause the covering to shrink quickly and thus will cause shelling and cracking.

In summary, we make two suggestions for you:
1. The computer room in cold area adds humidifiers with different capacities according to the space, and in warm area adds dehumidifiers to solve the environment problem which can meet the technical requirements stipulated in the national standard. We should ensure the normal discharge and leakage of static electricity on the equipment and the ground, which will extend service life of static raised floor.
2. The anti-static raised floor in cold area adopts PVC anti-static covering permanently, and in warm area can adopt HPL covering permanently.

Post time: Nov-11-2021